lisa guest

Table of Contents

i Foreword

ii Preface

iii Acknowledgements

iv Introduction

The Beginning — The Awakening

PROLOGUE – Mission Possible?

Chapter 1Mother, May I?

The Early Paradox

Early Crushes

My TERM-IN-O Which I Celebrate Every March 25th

Chapter 2High School

No Man is Good Enough for My Daughter

I Did Date Prince Charming

Sun Rise

The Seed Is Planted

Solar Flares That Affected Me

Chapter 3College Greek Week I —1980

This One Was Good Enough, No Questions Asked 1981

The Watch Man Pushing Forward

Graduation Day Poems 1982

Chapter 4East Coast

Professor Riptide

The Psychic Writers who yanked me out of a conventional future

The Writer with whom I felt my only maternal instinct for three minutes

The Artist – Painter of the Dancing Circles

The Publishers

On the Wings of a Guardian Angel

Chapter 5Return to California, the Place It All Started

How the Fog Rolled In

More Fatherly Advice

Erotic or Neurotic – My Story with HAIL 1986

Hercules and the Cloud 87-91

The Affair 90

The Benefactor Who Said I was Unbalanced 90-95

A Meeting of the Minds 92-95

My Savior – Violet 96

The Lingering Affects of Fog 85-96

Sacrifices Made For Fog

Greek Week II—2000

Fog Ahead and More Fantasy

Slicing Through the Fog

The Middle — Rebirth (p 144)

Chapter 6Online Dating and FOG Always in Sight

The Uncut Uncouth Peruvian 2/02

Man of Integrity 2/02

FOG – Hovering Over the Horizon


FOG – And the FOG Rolls Out

If Only I Could Describe It 4/02

Mutual Mesmerization with the Sax Player 5/02

Everyone Has This Virus 6/02

FOG – Low Hanging FOG and No Longer Invisible

The Life in Laguna 1/03

FOG – Olivia’s 25th Birthday

The Movie Man 6/03

FOG – List of Desires

Only In L.A. 2/04

FOG – Valentine’s Day Two Days Early

The Predator 4/04

FOG – Treasured Focus

The Professor

The Steel Fountain 9/04

FOG – Bread Crumbs Write What You See 2/05

FOG – I Had a Dream

Anyone Can Say Anything 4/05

FOG – The Symbol, the Stamp and Yellow Roses

The Music Man Who Introduced Me to the City's Largest Organ 5/05

FOG – Fantasy Pose or Poser

He Arrived Nervous 7/05

FOG – 99 Minutes

Little By Little, Getting My Power Back 9/05

FOG – Who’s Keeping Count?

No Truer Words Were Ever Spoken

All Talk and No Do

The End—A Woken Woman (p 277)

Chapter 7Wake-Up Calls (The Work)

1 Therapy

2 Sobriety

Chapter 8Lessons in Lying—ACE: Agent for Conscious Evolution


Vast is FVF

Chapter 9Lessons Learned – Putting Words into Action

The Voice, Part One

The Raw Voice, Part Two

The Fast Professor Clarifies the Lesson

If It Smells Fishy, It Probably Is

It’s All About Him

The Replaceable Philanthropist

The Bald Psychologist

The Long Haired Psychologist

Chapter 10Accepting What Is

3/25/12 Deadline – 34th Anniversary – Talking With My Pussy

The Case for Not Settling

Chapter 11The Family Circle

How Men Mirror My Father

The Influence of Brothers

Butterflies Are Free

Chapter 12 – The Choice to Heal

Women and Money

To Scratch the Itch or Not

Chapter 13Integration


Success is Wet Sex

Sex Heals